From this page, you can download a pdf of the PowerPoint slides used by Dr. Matlock in the video  presentation. You may also download the draft reporting guidelines for each of the Global Indicators. Below, you may add comments and questions.

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Soil Nutrients
Soil Quality and Retention
Water Quality and Availability
Working Conditions
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DSF Global Criteria support goal development.

DSF Global Criteria and High Priority Indicators

The purpose of this site is to receive comments on the candidate indicators for five Global Criteria for the Dairy Sustainability Framework (DSF). The goal of the DSF is to set priorities, implement change to demonstrate progress, and report on continuous improvements across member organizations. DSF identified eleven Global Sustainability Criteria (see Table) as critical elements necessary to improve in order to move the global dairy supply chain to become more sustainable. The candidate indicators  proposed here are for the 2017 priority criteria. 
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The priorities developed so far:
The priorities for development
of Global criteria in 2017 are:
Select one of the 2017 candidate indicators above 
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Select the GHG Emissions or Animal Care indicators 
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Global Criteria.
The DSF applied the following approach to identifying candidate High Level Indicators for each Global Criteria:
  1.  Inventory and identify the indicators currently being measured by DSF members that correlate to the global criteria. This is accomplished through a review of member websites and through a survey instrument made available to all DSF members (see Survey page). 
  2.   Analyze and report the survey results. Results are summarized on this website.
  3. Determine which indicator(s) are most appropriate to drive improvements for each of the global criteria.
  4. Develop a guidance document to inform the development of indicators for the global criteria.
  5. Outline the next steps in the process for baseline assessment of each indicator and driving improvements across the indicator. 
Indicators were developed for GHG Emissions and Animal Health in 2016. These indicators were CO2 equivalent GHG Emissions and Somatic Cell Counts, respectively. This process will be used to develop indicators for the remaining four criteria in 2018.
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